Hi! My name is Emari Grace Pimentel. I am a Licensed Interior Designer and I am currently private practicing my profession through Premiere Design Interiors while juggling my time on weekends for my post-graduate studies. I love looking for beautiful photos of interior design and watching youtube about home and design and other things that interests and motivates me. Creating a lifestyle interior and supervising the projects is what I do best as I enjoy my free time writing, reading or watching videos.

the things i like

  • Excessive use of white in my projects with an interesting art piece
  • Pigging out on different food place, I enjoy the different taste and dining experience every time I dine.
  • Window Shopping, it makes me just feel relaxed checking new and old stuff pass by
  • Going out on a date with family and friends. As I mentioned I enjoy eating out and this is the best time to catch up on what's happening conversation.
  • Reading Comics, Books, and anything on this cycle
  • Cars, I enjoy the beauty of cars and what it offers. I love checking them from time to time as all these features are just getting better and better. 
  • Exploring things and be able to see wonders 

ABOUT my work

  • I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design from the University of San Carlos, Cebu.
  • I passed the board exam in 2015 and since then became an active member of the Philippine Institute of Interior Designer - Cebu Chapter.
  • I enjoy dressing up occasionally and I would be in "rugged" look supervising design projects.
  • I previously worked for a construction firm before pursuing private practice and 
  • Now, I am currently studying for my post-graduate studies.  
My work experiences and professional pursuit had open doors for me
  • I became a part of Philbex VismMin 2017, Ugoy ng Duyan with fellow Interior Designers
  • I was able to participate in ABS-CBN: MagTV Cebu's Home Makeover for its 10th year anniversary in March 2018
  • I was invited to give a talk for Ayala Land's Amaia Steps Mandaue in 2019


In this blog you will find photographs of my projects and good looking ones, inspiring tips and even answer questions that you may find useful. Aside from that, you'll read a few things about me that I expressed here in most of my creative endeavors. This blog has undergone different changes from day one and it continues to evolve along this journey and finding your own voice become a fulfillment to do better at it.  This blog will try to inspire people and be inspired by every story we create and as much as I enjoy reading and be inspired by other designers and people, I also accept interior design projects and talks for a gathering. 

For now, there are a number of things I could share  and if you wanted to know about home and design, or simply want to connect with me:



You can also send me a message directly to my E-mail; premieredesignph@gmail.com

If you want me to feature your product e-mail me at premieredesignph@gmail.com don't forget to send me photos of your product and describe them and will get in touch with you the soonest.