(Updated) What's in a Blog Name?


I first posted about "What's in a blog name?" For more than two (2) years, I launched my first blog entry and back then the name of this blog was The Lounge Avenue, welcoming everyone who would be reading my blog and yes it still has the "promise" of delivering interior design, food, travel and personal thing that comes along.

The Logo of  The Lounge Avenue

The beginning of my journey was with the help of my college friends despite supporting me with my endeavors, at the back of my mind I think they thought I am crazy and they are right. Still, friendship prevails they did support me. My first few posts about How To's in the month of August was simply because they supported me. Joan, was my cheerleader and had so much support that we were able to do all those stuff and I must say she had talent in styling that I wanted but not as much as she wants it. Kristel, is the support of my ideas becoming reality for allowing, sponsoring the venue and its products used in my first month. I didn't bother afterward. Nicollette, my silent supporter, she knew our plans and despite all these stuff coming from our (Me and Joan) ideas, she even came from one of those items that we had our shoot and Lastly, to Annalie who was no longer with us at that time yet despite the different timezone, we shared a laugh on this one and knew that I will be doing what comes to my mind. 

A month before The Lounge Avenue will become a year older, I changed the name to Design District and want to cover more stuff, topics and all. I had my facebook page then and still running and despite all these, I don't have much of a backup plan then. All in my head was to explore and share what's going on with me and I had another broken promise that I wasn't able to live by. As 2018 had become a fruitful year that I am grateful for and I no longer had the time to pursue blogging and even I had a change of name, the idea of having an interior design and lifestyle blog is still there and was never lost.

At this point, I wanted to delete my past posts most especially for the things that I no longer feel that is valuable and at the same time to be anyone's concern or be of interest. However, As I have re-read some of it I realize that I wanted to keep. Still, I am considering deleting it. I wanted to keep it knowing that I learned from this post from writing, expressing my thoughts and even the contents that I will be sharing in the future. I have outgrown this phase and moving forward in life is way better. 

I once again renamed the blog for the third time, Emari, my first name and so does the website, I took ownership of my name. This time I took some measures on making it look more ME, a reflection of being a part of me and letting these people coming into my life for both ups and downs. Emari, the blog site is showcasing my life as an interior designer and behind of being an interior designer. No more "promises" just action.

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