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Where to find my thesis plan?

Friday, October 12, 2018
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Internship done. Thesis Plan, Blurrrreeeedddd. Not for me, I have prepared ahead of time to whom where I should be getting my thesis during the time I was in my internship program. I have asked the following people and company already before that and thankfully I had 5 design plans lined up for approval just in case some will not be accepted, So at least I had a back up.

If you are one of those students who merely doesn't know where to find your thesis plans. Here's some ideas where I got my thesis plans.

  1. Architectural Firm
  2. Private Practicing Architect
  3. Real Estate Developer
  4. Interior Design Firm, I didn't but some of my classmates did.

Who else would you get the plan right? They are the technical and design person who the client would go to before Interior Designers can work.

  1. Just like applying for an Internship
  2. Ask for an appointment and explain why you need that
  3. Back up your appointment with a letter of consent from the school that you need a plan for thesis
  4. Letter of Request on your side 
  5. Business Card with your Name on it and number to remind them of your request
  6. A Contract between you and the architect assuring them that you wont share their design plan (if required) and what do they expect in return, Some in exchange of the 3D Design and Plan in Soft and Hardcopy
  7. Purchase a NEW USB if they will give you the soft copy, to give them a relief that your nor bringing any viruses to their personal computers or laptops.
  8. Follow up them and Don't wait for them to contact you. You aren't their priority in general because they are busy and their priority is their client
  9. Be thankful a small token of appreciation for them will make you both happy.

There you have it. It's simple to take some responsibility over the course of time rather than cramming. I had my fair share of cramming and delaying. In other words procrastinating and this will put you in a lot of stress that you don't want to handle. Being in your last year of college will have a lot of pressure. Mind you, this is crucial for 1 mistake or failed subject will not lead to your graduation.

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