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Declining a "Hotel" Project

Photo by Ahmad Al-Shabory from Pexels
Nope. Not the photo above. A colleague before informed me about a residential project turned hotel since their house is nearby a development that is good for tourism. So I contacted this Engineer who is the contractor of this "Hotel" Project.

We had exchange of emails and details and ideas on how the hotel would look like and how they wanted it to be. Like any of my potential client and other clients I gave my best price for my professional fee. Sadly, they find my price too high for their budget and directly asked how much they are willing to pay for a designer.

To my surprise they are willing to pay 5,000 php for a 4 storey project with more than 1,500 sqm for the reason that its JUST Design and suggested to get a particular design from this Hotel in which they did the construction. I immediately declined this project and informed in a polite and firm indication that they do not understand the value of an Interior Designers.

In my point of view, Licensed Interior Designers are not just an icing over a cupcake, its the entire process to understand the flow, the brand of the client and feel they wanted to evoke. It's design and technical knowledge molded into an art master piece. A design for a client may look like a Pinterest made into a reality but the fact is that we studied how to place everything before it was even proposed to a client, In other words, design is not a copy and paste thing that you see in pinterest and have it implemented; its the lifestyle you personally wanted to evoke towards the end user (describes the user of the place; your target market) of the space. And before you say you cant afford or the designer price is too high, please do understand what kind of results a Licensed Interior Designer could bring in to the table; as each designer has the ability to implement any project.


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