New Beginnings


Hi! Everyone,

I had been in a hiatus mode for quite awhile. A journey beyond expectation that I dreamt of. Months of ups and downs. Yet very full filling, it gave me a different perspective of running being an Entrepreneur, as they say when a door closes another door opens.

Indeed true for me my business and life were full of surprises, friends lost and formed, relationship stained and stronger, losing oneself and finding myself along the way. The journey still continues, a hard manifestation of life and a beautiful reality to embrace every beginning of the journey,

Let me begin with 2018, I became full of myself, my overconfidence has brought me to realize which I didn't listen to for those who advised me that first quarter would be a tremendous slow of running the interior design business as people spent a lot during the Christmas break and then will be preparing for the month of March. The first quarter became a blow to me. Honestly,  I've never been worried this month and never thought that this month was such a struggle for both my business and my personal life.

As my business slow down for the first quarter, It gave me time to do the things I set aside, my other to-do personal list and business list, which I have accomplished half of them as of this time. A time to review my business and personal plans that gave me a clearer view of what I really like and what I plan to do. I was drawn to work and proving myself in running the business in 2017 that people knew me barely see me or sit down and talk to me. I'm happy with how things happened to me for my business it gave me a satisfaction that I can't explain. Busy like a bee. It opened my eyes to more challenging work and the fact it gave me an upper hard of adding more knowledge, as every project has its own unique pace of giving me a lesson.

Despite my business was doing well, I didn't realize I was losing a part of me, only realize it after it was gone. I was unreachable then. I've lost some good friends and stained some relationship along with my business. I hate to admit, but personally, I wasn't doing well. I seek for a life-work balance but didn't. It was more of work. work and work. I didn't regret it that I focused on my career all these years that I barely make time for myself. However, I have come to a realization that there are just things that are beyond my control and found myself owning to my mistakes and embracing the change that comes along the way.

March 2018, was my turning point to embrace the things that happened, hard as hell. I found friends whom I lost touch with, found myself to trying to believe to love myself again and put myself out of my own comfort zone. Kiss and Make up for the times I was unreachable. I saw who my friends were, offline or online. I hear the voice of whom I never expect to and be able to see things clearly this time. I'm glad I was in my low point to give me a realization that my life doesn't end there because someone or some opportunities has closed on me. It was a time to know who strong I could be to face harder challenges each day.
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