Capiz Shell Furniture: A Portal To Timeless Creations

Remember those old Capiz windows your house in the province has? And how it evokes an enchanting feeling as it emits a warm glow whenever the sun comes into contact with it? Or do you also miss that Capiz furniture your grandparents owned that always creates a nostalgic memory of those times that you were with them? Well, Capiz just has a way to connect us back to our loved ones and childhood memories. And you can totally treasure those memories and feelings with the help of Capiz Shell Furniture. Read on and let me take you back in time.

I am a firm believer of culture and heritage, which our country, the Philippines, constantly feeds off my fascination with. Being a Classic Contemporary girl, antiques, vintage, traditional and classical things always have a strong hold on me though living a modern life. And my old soul couldn’t be happier to come across a company that has the same design ideals and classic heart as I am. Which I’m pretty sure all of us have if we just let ourselves appreciate our magnificent roots. Capiz Shell Furniture is a true paragon of exquisite Filipino skill in furniture making and are the true epitome of being connoisseurs of ingenuity and innovation. They are a gem that has been passed down from generation to generation, and they aim to further introduce the value of Capiz Shells in furniture starting with our very own country.

Capiz Shell Furniture’s main hub is located in Argao, Cebu. Where better to get inspirations for their impeccable designs than to be in a place where nature is within grasp. And they have already been exporting their products all throughout Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. That just shows that clients have seen the true value of their fine workmanship as they don’t mind the location and delivery. Quality will always be unparalleled, right? Capiz Shell Furniture has that to offer, and so much more. They are currently focusing on Capiz windows, panel dividers, lamps and other furniture. And this is merely the start of them creating an impact in the furniture business, as they have been quite undiscovered despite already producing quality products for so long.  In addition, we will see more excellent products from them, that I can assure you.

More than just a material for furniture, Capiz has an immeasurable worth that hasn’t been given much value over the years. This local material is just one of the many natural resources that we, as Filipinos, can be truly proud of. Not just here, but all over the world.

And here’s a thought, with all the trends and fads out there, wouldn’t you prefer to stand out and be one of the promoters of Filipino culture and local artisanal work? I personally would. Having said that, infuse brilliance and engrave Filipino identity to your modern lives by having Capiz furniture as distinct features in your home. Most importantly, nothing can make a home timeless and notable by gracing it with traditional materials perfected to suit our modern and contemporary lifestyle. And together with Capiz Shell Furniture, let us be a part of making the Capiz legacy live on.
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