My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist


December is a time for family to gather, celebrate and enjoy the long weekend. It is the time where my family spends most of the time in the kitchen preparing the family favorites from morning to night, even the kids in the family take part in preparations and it is something that we cherish, as the day of the Christ is born, We also discuss on our December Home Goals and Having these Kitchen Appliance in the Kitchen will definitely make our Christmas Merrier. Here's My Three De'Longhi Christmas Wishlist

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Features: 4.3 Colour Interface, Personalized Recipes, Chocolate Function, and Coffee Link App

Why I love it? It has Smart Technology that personalizes our favorite drinks and recipies, making it easier for us that the kid's become handy too with a Simple touch. This isnt just an ordinary coffee maker, its like having a coffee shop's list of menu placed in one machine making the family's favorite beverage from espressso to latte macchiato and my personal favorite, the Chocolate Function making it a perfect blend for me and my family; and when time permits it has a Coffee Link App that I can use to create a few Coffee Recipe.

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Cooker: Low-oil Fryer & Multicooker Multifry Extra FH1394

Features: Excellent Cooking Performance, Rapid Cooking, Unlimited Menus, High food Capacity, Lower Heating Element (800W), Recipes Selector Knob and Digital Control Panel

Why I love it? I'm afraid of a cooking oil especially when I have to fry, nor I even really know how to cook many dishes manually thats whyyou wouldn't see me near the kitchen cooking except when I'm looking for food in the fridge but with this multi cooker and multi-fryer, I can prepare delicious recipes for my hamily plus they have an unlimited menus that I can try on the kitchen and lazy as it sounds, it has a rapid cooking making sure that the food is actually cooked, it will save me time and worry to think if I have properly mixed the ingredients as it has its own automatic mixing paddle and easy to clean. Sounds great right! and Most importantly it has a big capacity that can serve up to 8 persons enough for us when we have a small get together with my friends or family who comes over.

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Ice CReam MAker:IL GELATAIO ICK 6000

Features: Special Paddle, Dishwasher-Safe, Removable Bowl and Recipe Book

Why I love it? I love dessert and one of my comfort food is eating Ice Cream, it makes me feel at ease. Among our family, I'm the one who does love experimenting no-bake recipes and yes, I've made a lot including making an ice cream, but my home-made ice cream isn't perfect as I got easily tired with all the manual labor to do. Having an Ice Cream maker, would make the work done with its special paddle that will mix its ingredients perfectly, it has an easy to clean removable bowl and it is dishwasher-safe, it has less worries and cleaning up my space and it got a recipe book to help me out on my experiments that for sure I would be very happy to serve to my family. 

Every year, My family would talk about our goals and one of it is our December Home Goals, it where we think of an item that we would purchase every year that can be enjoyed by our family, friends and guest. Now you know some of our Home Goals for this Season; Whats yours? 

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