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Goodbye 2016 and Hello! 2017


Are you one of those people who's not ready to welcome 2017 because of so many things you wished you had done so? Partly for me, yes! I admit that there is so things to do but 2017 ain't stopping! Here's a little recap of F.A.T (Five Amazing Things) and My 2017 Mantra.

2 0 1 6  F i v e  A m a z i n g T h i n g s

1. The most challenging year for me in the workforce and juggling my own passions
2. I've met awesome people that helped me see things in a different light
3. This maybe my least year of taking adventures but having time with my cousins were better than it
4. Having a New Christmas Celebration
5. Finally, I've launched my blog and made it legit; now, I've gotta grind to maintain it. 

H e l l o ! 2 0 1 7

This year I'm starting to have a personal mantra which I got the idea from Arriane Serafico's after subscribing from her.

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