What's the Difference? Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator


The Term Interior Designer and Interior Decorator has been used interchangeably and often times they are both perceived as  the same level of profession. For some, I experienced educating the people whom I conversed with to give them a better insight of the difference between  an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator.

An Interior Designer is usually involved from conceptualizing a project from start to finish, it involves a lot of work, from the look of your space, space planning and construction up to turn over of the project. Interior Designers work closely with technical and qualified professionals; Architects, Engineers or Specialty Contractors and Furniture and Accessories Representative to get the project done. The Job of the designer is create a functional interior space by understanding the users on how each room will be used as we create comfort and style to their spaces. 

To practice such work, An Individual has to become a licensed Interior Designer who finished a 4 or 5 year Interior Design Course and Passed the Board Exam and become a Full Pledge Professional bearing the title Interior Designer , Interior Stylist , Interior Consultant and some uses Interior Architect to differentiate themselves. These Professionals are members of the an  Interior Design Organization, for Filipino Interior Designer, they become part of Philippine Institute of Interior Designers.

While Interior Decorators are involved in the finishing touches, no technical works needs to be done and they work with Furniture and Accessories Representative. They focus more on the Aesthetics of the the space to capture the style preferences of the user. They can be hired or collaborate with an Interior Designer for finishing touches. Interior Decorators are people who the Interior Design course but didn't took or passed the Board Exam.

Now that you know about this; this information shouldn't confuse you on the things that an  Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator does. On a client perspective, one should access your needs. Hiring a professional simplifies your life, making it easier for you to collaborate your design ideas into your space. 

PIID-CEBU Christmas Party 2016


The month of December means the birth of Christ; as the season of giving is fast approaching and a long-weekend is bound to happen, we say our goodbye for the year through Christmas Parties. As a member of Philippine Institute of Interior Designers- Cebu Chapter, We celebrated it with a theme: Rock of Age.

This year's Christmas Party was held in Bayfront Hotel in Bogo Room. The night was prepared by our officers and made possible by them and our sponsors too.

Almost everyone prepared for this day, their #OOTDs (outfit of the day) are creatively done and some look has less effort but still look stunning and inline with the theme. Some showcased their creativity through accessories and props they brought.

Our Chic Centerpiece for the Night

Our Candies

Table Setup
The nights OOTD Group

Theyre Enjoying the night taking much selfies

The Newly Inducted Officers of PIID

The Newly Inducted Interior Designers

The night wont be filled with fun without Miss Jul Oliva (Interior Designer)

That's us!  The Entire PIID Cebu Chapter Members

Even the night was unexpected for me, As I won the grand prize for the nights raffle; I was not even dressed up but I got the prize from Boysen Philippines Inc. It made my night. As the party was almost over; and we can't get enough of the nights event; We all seating on table 13 won the prizes and it was just fun and continued to have an after party that was unforgettable. 

How to Use Greenery in Office Interiors


Whenever I go to an office, I would certainly look around and check on how the layout was done or how it applies to them, I've seen the good and bad ones according to my perspective. Recently, I closed an Office Project that involves Green Walls, the concept was made even before Pantone released its color of the year 2017; Greenery. 

Having an office is easy like ABC, simple layouts and cuts according to how you want it to be, I know many offices does their own layout without consulting a designer. How about those who cares about their look, their brand? These owners cares on how they are perceived and how they could interact with their clients, which leads me to this topic: How to Use Greenery in Office Interiors, a combination of Pantone's Color of the year and the Office Project. 

Photo: Credit to ArchDaily
Reception Area, This is the first area your client sees, its where most of the transaction is done. Having a green wall behind the counter gives a calming effect, both good for the staff and client. 

Photo Credit to Resovate

Lounge Area, Having a green wall doesn't have to be everyone in your office, it depends on how you want your office to look like for this interior it has a full green wall. If maintenance is not a problem you can actually have this. 

Photo Credit to Michelle S. Cotto

The Hallway, this is the area, I find most office interiors having plain dry walls with simply a paint of color, while some makes use of it as a marketing wall and in this office, they make it alive by installing a green living wall, very organic and industrial at the same time.

Photo Credit to Plastolux

Employee's Lounge, some employees are blessed to have huge lounge area, multi-international companies provides such space to their staff, in this area, the green is everyone, a floor to ceiling green design in terms of color usage. What makes it more standout is they made use of it in their pendant lights, that looks like a living wall in a way. 

Photo Credit to Inhabitat

The conference room, the room where the most important task happens and the room where employees dreads to be. Conference room, are the rooms, I see dark colored wood and heavy furniture being used, which makes me sick and makes me feel down, but when there's a plant, even just a pot, It changes my mood. What more when its placed on  wall; Everyone in that room would be uplifted.

Applying a green wall depends on where and which part it can be placed, the place you wish to see most of it. Having a Green wall doesn't have to be a living wall, it can be a green wall inspired through nature that relaxes you and the other users.

Are you inspired to have a green office? Contact: IDr. Emari Pimentel at emaripimentel (at) gmail (dot) com or contact her through her mobile at +63.917.305.6591

Pantone 2017

Photos: Credits to www.refinery29.com

Few days ago, Pantone released the most awaited color of 2017, Greenerey 15-0343, A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings according to Pantone,

Pantone Greenery 15-0343, The color 2017 has been waiting for; as 2016  has been a complex and colorful year for everyone with all the recent events happening around the globe. The refreshing color of life burst into life as we collectively look forward of a re-connection towards serenity and nature. Greenery 15-0343, A yellow-green shade that brings in the outdoors to indoors. A color selection of our diverse culture, our unique self expression and reflection our our passion.

Photo: Credits to Pantone

Green is a soothing and calming colors, it blends well if our emotions and or sense of oneness towards our environment; when it comes to fashion or interiors, I would say, a variety of color are yet to be seen by the first quarter. 

#CBSTalks Back to Basic


It's Now or Never (N/N) it is something I have in mind and blogging was one of them, though it may not be the platform I thought I wanted to, but I ended up on blogging. I had my first blog during my high school years, I remember I made a summary of the TV Series that I watched and became a part a forum too, and I had many blogs to date but none had existed too long. These blogs, I was saying was long deleted and that I'm back again, this time with a niche, that I know of, Interior Design and Lifestyle.

During the Event proper of CBS Talks back to basic; last November 26, 2016 held at Primary Homes Mabolo Garden Flats; I would say it was Five thumbs up, I didn't expect to have that seat till the end but I did. They had a reliable speakers who were successful in running their blog and has done their best to encourage and be an inspiration to those who are Aspiring, New and Currently running their blog.

To be part of this event answered my questions that I have been reading over the net for the last few months, My Five Hour Stay was worth every second of it as they tackled the following Topics: Intro to Blogging (Alem Garcia) Selecting Niche  (Ian Limpangong) Responsible Blogging (Llyod Chua) Blogging Benefis (Mark Monta)  Blogging for a Change (Philip Andrew Mayol) Brand Partnership (Etienne Codina) Inspirational Keynote (Miguel Gee Abas Jr.) Career Opportunities (Gauda Guizon).

The event gave me so much light on the things I wanted to know, they are my google as of that moment with precise example and meaningful  insights of blogging.I would say I was a successful event, It was a learning experience coming from them to hear and see them share their knowledge and to inspire one another. In which I look forward to be part of once again.

Photos Credit to: Cebu Blogger Society

Top 5 Christmas Tree Decorations


The season of Gift Giving has finally come. The season that everyone is waiting for, the time when we spend most of our money to buy gifts for our love ones and celebrate the most awaited holiday. Christmas the birth of Christ is happily celebrated when we see decorated Christmas Trees, Christmas isn't complete without it. 

Here's my Top 5 Picks of Christmas Tree Decors from Decorator Joan Gay Fuentes of Home and Pantry.

White and Gold Christmas Decor. This shows simply elegance for me, classy and sophisticated, Its something that I'd like to have in the future Christmases. 

Winter Theme. Blue and Silver. When I was younger, I thought of having this kind of color combination. Back then, I love blue a lot. This kind of Christmas Theme reminds me of a beautiful morning that I look forward when its about to rain.

Metallic. Crystals and Diamonds are essential to this decor, Minimal Flowers, an overly huge Christmas Balls and Diamonds, paired with Christmas lights in white that gives more reflection and illumination to the metallic decors.

Candy Wonderland. This is close to the traditional Christmas Tree, The use of Red, Green and Yellow Christmas Lights are dominantly seen in this decor but with the amount of Red Striped Candy looking decors, This Tree gives so much light, it tells a kids story and for wanting to be a kid at this season of giving.

Modern Traditional. Big and Full of Christmas Color. Green Tree, Red, Gold and White Decors, This will never go out of style and Mom's favorite Christmas Decor. Christmas Tree itself speaks for itself.

Do you like this Christmas Decor? I'm pretty sure you're in love. Call Home and Pantry 032 5058315 or Visit them at 10 Apitong St. (Near Parklane), Cebu City. Look for Joan Gay Fuentes.

My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist


December is a time for family to gather, celebrate and enjoy the long weekend. It is the time where my family spends most of the time in the kitchen preparing the family favorites from morning to night, even the kids in the family take part in preparations and it is something that we cherish, as the day of the Christ is born, We also discuss on our December Home Goals and Having these Kitchen Appliance in the Kitchen will definitely make our Christmas Merrier. Here's My Three De'Longhi Christmas Wishlist

Photo credit to http://www.delonghi.com/


Features: 4.3 Colour Interface, Personalized Recipes, Chocolate Function, and Coffee Link App

Why I love it? It has Smart Technology that personalizes our favorite drinks and recipies, making it easier for us that the kid's become handy too with a Simple touch. This isnt just an ordinary coffee maker, its like having a coffee shop's list of menu placed in one machine making the family's favorite beverage from espressso to latte macchiato and my personal favorite, the Chocolate Function making it a perfect blend for me and my family; and when time permits it has a Coffee Link App that I can use to create a few Coffee Recipe.

Photo credit to http://www.delonghi.com/

Cooker: Low-oil Fryer & Multicooker Multifry Extra FH1394

Features: Excellent Cooking Performance, Rapid Cooking, Unlimited Menus, High food Capacity, Lower Heating Element (800W), Recipes Selector Knob and Digital Control Panel

Why I love it? I'm afraid of a cooking oil especially when I have to fry, nor I even really know how to cook many dishes manually thats whyyou wouldn't see me near the kitchen cooking except when I'm looking for food in the fridge but with this multi cooker and multi-fryer, I can prepare delicious recipes for my hamily plus they have an unlimited menus that I can try on the kitchen and lazy as it sounds, it has a rapid cooking making sure that the food is actually cooked, it will save me time and worry to think if I have properly mixed the ingredients as it has its own automatic mixing paddle and easy to clean. Sounds great right! and Most importantly it has a big capacity that can serve up to 8 persons enough for us when we have a small get together with my friends or family who comes over.

Photo credit to http://www.delonghi.com/

Ice CReam MAker:IL GELATAIO ICK 6000

Features: Special Paddle, Dishwasher-Safe, Removable Bowl and Recipe Book

Why I love it? I love dessert and one of my comfort food is eating Ice Cream, it makes me feel at ease. Among our family, I'm the one who does love experimenting no-bake recipes and yes, I've made a lot including making an ice cream, but my home-made ice cream isn't perfect as I got easily tired with all the manual labor to do. Having an Ice Cream maker, would make the work done with its special paddle that will mix its ingredients perfectly, it has an easy to clean removable bowl and it is dishwasher-safe, it has less worries and cleaning up my space and it got a recipe book to help me out on my experiments that for sure I would be very happy to serve to my family. 

Every year, My family would talk about our goals and one of it is our December Home Goals, it where we think of an item that we would purchase every year that can be enjoyed by our family, friends and guest. Now you know some of our Home Goals for this Season; Whats yours?