Succulent Plant sellers joins Pop District Bazaar


Finally, I was able to join Pop District Bazaar's First Year Anniversary! It had such good finds all over the place and everything was great from the clothes and accessories to home decors up to sumptuous food and tasty dessert, Surely No One can beat it!

After meeting some friends who joined the bazaar up and having new friends on the block. 
I finally had my chance to get each booths and I got captured by the beautiful Succulent Plants. In my last month's DIY Wednesday, How to decorate Succulent Plants in 4 easy steps. We used Succulent Plants for a particular post.

Here are some list of the 4 Succulent Sellers who were part of the Bazaar.

1. Gales Garden
Contact No. 09176200148

Photo Credits to: Pop District Bazaar

2. Bloom

Photo Credits to: Pop District Bazaar

3. Urban Garden Cebu
Contact No. 09177054542

Photo Credits to: Pop District Bazaar

4. Modern Potting

They're Selling their items starting at 150php. Check out these  4 Succulent Plant Sellers in their Social Media account or you can directly call them at their numbers. I suggest you meet with them or ask for the available items they have and see what your heart desires for you to have a succulent plant. 

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