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Get this look! Lynette Scavo


Last Week, I posted about Susan Mayer, my least favorite character yet the one who completes the Desperate Housewives characters. Now, Its another Desperate Housewife whom I am featuring for this weeks article.

The Practical Lynette, the mother and wife who struggles to keep her family as she tries to be in control and in attempt to be back on her career hay days.

She’s one kind of a character that reflects most mothers or even single mothers with strong personalities who is always up for a challenge.

Lynette Scavo played by Felicity Huffman


She’s sensible, dominant and practical.


Background: She used to be a successful career woman until she gave it up for her family to be a housewife. She has 5 Biological Children and 1 adopted from Tom’s previous relationship and a working Husband named Tommy Scavo.


Interior Style: practical and sensible Mission-Style

Her home interior reflects practical decorating solutions, she uses nice-worn-out furnishings, slightly chaotic and little messy when her kids are around.


Selects sensible furniture in Mission Style Interiors set in Warm woods that can withstand the wear and tear of her busy and big family; chooses large and plump furniture for comfort and durability rather than aesthetic design. Having a big and busy family calm colors are used to soften the chaos, soft blue fabrics in over-sized plaids and denims are mostly used to reflect her family.

Area: Living Area

1. Choose Warm colors for the choice of furniture in different choices

2. Choose Color Blue, you're surrounded by boys and boys-at-heart as your main color of the room because boys are mostly seen in this area. literally, especially when they are watching over a Basketball game.

3. Add touches of pink, let them know you still exist.

4. White is the key to unify the colors around you, the touch that makes everything simple and neat. Do this before installing your floors, it will save you time and money.

5. Start with your floors, when you have an open area and it is practical to use one type of color and material for your floor. (tiles, vinyl or engineered wood)

6. Arrange your Gadgets, in this way you know exactly what to do next when it comes to electrical stuff. 

7. Arrange your furniture, your bulky sofa fronting a wall mounted TV and with a rattan weaved accent chair facing to the sofa, this will keep your living area cozy and invokes  talking to your family or entertaining guests.

8. Add touches of color to add brightness for this look, add orange, it energizes people and it also looks good with blue, white and browns.

9. Keep everything simple and neat, nothing to fancy about.

Does this Interior Appeals to you? or reflects a bit of you? We'll you can apply some of the tips and have your own home; be a reflection of your personality.

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