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Get this Look! Bree Van der Kamp


Bree is one of my favorite protagonist in the story. I enjoyed watching her when she's put in such bad circumstances yet she remains to be calm and in control.


Bree Van de Kamp played by Marcia Cross


Personality: She’s prim and proper has a perfectionist attitude and work ethic.


Background:  Bree's main struggle to maintain a perfect life despite various obstacles such as widowhood (Rex Van der Kamp), divorce (Orson Hodge), and alcoholism hindering her. She was a neurosis and obsessive-compulsive disorder that reflects her being a perfectionist. She has been married three times. Bree is known for her homemaking talents on the level of Martha Stewart. She is also well-versed in firearm training.


Interior Style: Federal Style


Her home interior reflects classism and controlling; Federal-Style furniture in dark woods that captures its flawless formality. Its reflects its perfectionist attitude to maintain it neat and tidy  and uses exact symmetry, even on her decors that comes precise and matching display.


1. Solid Wood Furniture in Dark Wood Tones 

2. Using the shades of whites for your walls in lighter shade and for the its edges paint use a dark shade of whites while for your furniture a medium color for your upholstery, follow the Light, Medium and Dark Scheme

3.Apply the word "class", define it according to your preference, think of a formal living room.  Choose a 3-seater Sofa that looks formal and its edges are curved to give a softer look. This also applies to your side tables and center tables they look classy and not heavy decorated.

4. Apply asymmetry in the use of accessories, decors and furniture. Use matching vases, candle holder and lamp. Everything should be in pair or most of it.

5. Add a little interest, for your single seater sofa, use 2 different furniture with one detail that matches the 3-seater sofa. This will have an interesting look. 

6. With your mis-matched single seater sofa, use a side table that is round, after all this part of the living room makes it a little more special. 

7. Add some florals it can be an all white flower arrangement or a English inspired floral decors.

There you have it a formal living area!

As her character evolved she opted for Hollywood Regency, more sleeker and chic interior that matches her new perspective and personality. It is still formal but it gives a vibe of informal approach it makes people engage in conversation and shared laughter with friends.

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