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What's in a Blog name?


What’s in a blog name? Having a blog name is like creating a business name. It has something to do with your niche and target audience. The things you offer to your readers and how you would add value. Having a blog name is knowing what you are trying to convey to your readers.

While creating this blog, I ready had a hard time creating a blog name and it took me months before my Eureka moment came.
What’s my blog name?

Lounge by definition it is a place where you want to relax or stay temporarily and it can be your favourite place you feel comfortable even in your own home. It also defines the different places in the Metro or other parts in the world. A place you feel to be yourself, it can be in a coffee shop or exploring new adventures in a certain location.

Avenue can be referred as street; and it tells the various interests that a person has.It is also describes the niche of this blog. An extension of what I could offer and what you may offer.

The Lounge Avenue in my own words is the place where I feel comfortable in every interest that I like doing. Specifically, for this blog its Interior Design and Lifestyle. 
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