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Ms. Emari Grace I. Pimentel. She is a graduate from the University of San Carlos with a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design. She is a licensed interior designer and a member of Philippine Institute of Interior Designers – Cebu chapter. She has a total of 6 years corporate experience in construction and cabinetry firm in Cebu before setting up Premiere Design InteriorsDespite having multiple passion she enjoys writing - online and offline, and finds a  lot of time to read and explore the business world and design while watching videos online to feed her mind and soul.


Design District is the Home and Decor Lifestyle blog of Emari Grace I. Pimentel. This is where the snippets of her journey on full-filling her dreams as an Interior Designer, Creative Entrepreneur and everything in between that comes along her journey as she pursues her other passions as she learns the trade and by collaborating and exploring the world. This blog will see or feel a glimpse of a person who's starting to create her own world by full-filling her own dreams while having a life beyond the "glamorous" lifestyle people perceives. This blog will try to inspire people and be inspired in every story we create.

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