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20 Shades of Blue

Monday, March 13, 2017
CTO: Fashion Pheeva

Color Blue is the most famous color among companies or in the working force. It has a cool and calming effect that shows creativity and intelligence that signifies loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. This color creates harmony and relaxation that helps maintain its emotion without being reactive. 

Blue in general is identified for  knowledge, power, integrity and professionalism in the workforce. This color is fit to be used in places where a the need of tranquility and people holding or aiming for higher position. Every shade is identifiable for different personalities, meanings and effects; one thing it holds to its name is that blue is a color where heaven (sky) and earth (water) meet.

If someone ask you what color you want, then knowing these 20 shades of blue will make a difference for your color choices.

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