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20 Shades of Red

Monday, February 20, 2017
When I was younger; I only knew one shade of red and for me it was all the same till I learned to distinguish  it three shades; red, red orange and dark red. As I have studied and learnt about different shades, tint and color the more I knew about the different shades of red. Below  are 20 shades of red what we see in different places, things and artwork.

Let this colors be your guide to pick your the right paint, furniture or accent to your space.

If there would one shade of red; what color would you pick? would it be darker like wine  or bight as the candy? 

If I have to choose one shade of red, that would be Ruby, I think that would be the perfect color to describe my mood while writing this and though its my preferred shade in most cases. Ruby will be used widely in a bedroom as a focal point and accent color. 

How did I come up with my services?

After a long holiday season for the month of November, I took sometime off after being overwhelmed with the projects I am undertaking. T...