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A philosophical rumination of an interior designer's journey in life, work and anything in between

Look Back: Executive Office


Looking back at my first project during my college years. A Modern Greek-inspired office, in a year that I could no longer remember.  Almost everything was recycled base on the available materials and items in their warehouse as a start-up company who has a limited budget for office Interiors. 

The use of whites and accent of blue can be found in all areas. Clean and sleek its what the owner wanted to have a little gold accent.

Who would have forgotten their first project? It was a heartwarming and humbling expereince, to begin with. Back then I have less knowledge of the things I know of, in design and in construction. I dived into that shallow waters the soonest I got some offer. Not a wise decision but a smart move to lead me to my path. My design standards and aesthetics have grown as I have gained more experiences over the years.

Taking a New Leap


The last few months have been quite loaded, every single angle has pre-occupied me with my work from corporate until setting up my own, plus personal stories that had circled me in. It was crazy, sad and fun.

A lot of people knew me from the corporate world working for a family-owned business and I had worked myself in different position until the day I have left. For Almost Five (5) long years I have worked for them; A typical employee will experience crazy and fun moments with lots of drama going on in between. I am not spared with it, not even rumors and competency. I cried a hundred times on those things and even the scolding of my own boss and questioning myself with thousands of reasons to quit. 

How many times I quit? A thousand times; during my earlier years, a small reprimand would make me cry from my boss or even subordinates. I was a newbie then, managers have the upper hand. I wanted to quit, every time I'd face such difficulties, It crossed my mind and at the end of every situation I find myself in the mirror saying "I'm not a quitter.". Even during the later years, It still crossed my mind and find myself again not bidding goodbye.

I work and work those experiences have taught me to fight my own battles within the company from dealing with my boss(es), subordinates and even those people whom I have to work with, the result was the motivating point. A competition to every employee for the purpose of achieving the overall goal. Each employee has a role and task to make it. Every department has a responsibility that will affect the others. A Management who seek for results as they look at the bigger picture.

Where does this leave me? During my tenure, I have played many roles, all those roles had its purpose and along the way, I learn and stumble. I lost and gain. Despite those many trials, The experience contributed to the factors of becoming who I am, who will I become and what will I become now that I took a leap towards my dream. 

My former colleagues asked me, Do I have regrets leaving? My answer, I am happy with where I am now. Happy that I was able to be in connection with them, not just a colleague but also as my friends. Taking a leap is never scary, just the thought of taking a leap and not knowing what will happen next.

Singapore: DC Superheroes Cafe

Visiting Marina Bay Sands for the first time as part of the plan. However, I was captivated upon my entrance that I got to see and visit the DC Superhero Cafe. Excited and thrilled to see a DC Cafe. I can't stop but gaze and walk back and forth the see the place and took photos in each angle as many as I can. Literally, I was in a FAN mode. 

If you are a DC Comics Fan or Simply love one of its Characters, Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman. and Oh! The Flash and Supergirl? Then this is the place you want to visit.

Green Lantern

Entrance Area

Dinner Seat

In the Entrance Area, You'll see a number of collectibles and Statues of DC Character and to its slightest detail in the entrance area from its menu up to the wall decors; It's obviously DC.



What interests me the most is their details including their counter, a similar Instagram layout of photos curated coming from the comics and some maybe coming from fans all over the world (who knows). The Two half-body statue of the two protagonists well-loved character is perfect. Dazzling its own way. 

Dining Area

Dining Area

And this wall, it's my favorite among the other walls. Why? Simple. It's Superman. Bias but I love that they made a 3D flying statue that characterized him in most of his fight scenes or action packed figures. The Guitars just added some imaginary music when he breaks the wall. 

PBX Area

This area is the least noticed by any of the design, the PBX and Trash Area, Despite the least area to look at they managed to make it alive and still eye catching to those who may pass by. No walls area bare and No walls are boring to look at. 

The place is great, a fun place to be with kids, young at heart or even a date to yourself. A perfect haven to reminiscence your childhood superheroes.

Singapore: The Cathedral Cafe

Travelling can be both satisfying and a resonating fear. What both these two strong words can lead to finding ourselves in a lost world and a fear of the future, especially when you know no-one but yourself. I recently travelled for a SOLO Trip and Gosh! No amount of words could describe what went on to those days I had me, myself and I moments. 

And as you know, I can't get off on my eyes on the things that interest me, Interior Design, for a moment I thought I'd be exploring other stuff but my eyes just went "IN" to the place, while I was strolling at City Hall area looking for the National Gallery.

It was raining and I left my umbrella at the hotel that led me to St. Andrews Church, fascinated with its architecture and spacious garden park. I went to check and found myself in their cafe, The Cathedral Cafe. 

The Cathedral Cafe is run by the priests, who also runs St. Andrews Church. Their reason for having the cafe is to attract people closer to God and also to the tourist and locals who would be spending their time in the vicinity. They serve them with mouth -watering desserts and variety of Refreshments from Chocolate to Coffee and Tea.

 The Cathedral Cafe as a modern-industrial concept with pop of colors, which you can see in their logo, the colors used are taken from there. The Cheerful Yellow has caught my eye while it naturally blends with the neutral color scheme paired with Yellow and thus, What made me impressed with this place is their value of space and privacy towards the dwellers. 

They have an area wherein friends and families can casually talk and share their stories about God and related to it. The bookshelf places those items for reference. 

A nook area for thought who wish to be alone or simply wants to look St. Andrews Church and Garden. You'll never feel lonely despite being alone in the area as the serenity can be felt.

A long table with the right amount of blend to dine in groups or meet in groups while other tables are in a group of four.

With a place like this nearby, no wonder that it's one of the to-go places by the locals and tourist, alike. Imagine, If this kind of concept will be brought to the Philippines; This would be fantastic. 

Capiz Shell Furniture: A Portal To Timeless Creations

Remember those old Capiz windows your house in the province has? And how it evokes an enchanting feeling as it emits a warm glow whenever the sun comes into contact with it? Or do you also miss that Capiz furniture your grandparents owned that always creates a nostalgic memory of those times that you were with them? Well, Capiz just has a way to connect us back to our loved ones and childhood memories. And you can totally treasure those memories and feelings with the help of Capiz Shell Furniture. Read on and let me take you back in time.

I am a firm believer of culture and heritage, which our country, the Philippines, constantly feeds off my fascination with. Being a Classic Contemporary girl, antiques, vintage, traditional and classical things always have a strong hold on me though living a modern life. And my old soul couldn’t be happier to come across a company that has the same design ideals and classic heart as I am. Which I’m pretty sure all of us have if we just let ourselves appreciate our magnificent roots. Capiz Shell Furniture is a true paragon of exquisite Filipino skill in furniture making and are the true epitome of being connoisseurs of ingenuity and innovation. They are a gem that has been passed down from generation to generation, and they aim to further introduce the value of Capiz Shells in furniture starting with our very own country.

Capiz Shell Furniture’s main hub is located in Argao, Cebu. Where better to get inspirations for their impeccable designs than to be in a place where nature is within grasp. And they have already been exporting their products all throughout Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. That just shows that clients have seen the true value of their fine workmanship as they don’t mind the location and delivery. Quality will always be unparalleled, right? Capiz Shell Furniture has that to offer, and so much more. They are currently focusing on Capiz windows, panel dividers, lamps and other furniture. And this is merely the start of them creating an impact in the furniture business, as they have been quite undiscovered despite already producing quality products for so long.  In addition, we will see more excellent products from them, that I can assure you.

More than just a material for furniture, Capiz has an immeasurable worth that hasn’t been given much value over the years. This local material is just one of the many natural resources that we, as Filipinos, can be truly proud of. Not just here, but all over the world.

And here’s a thought, with all the trends and fads out there, wouldn’t you prefer to stand out and be one of the promoters of Filipino culture and local artisanal work? I personally would. Having said that, infuse brilliance and engrave Filipino identity to your modern lives by having Capiz furniture as distinct features in your home. Most importantly, nothing can make a home timeless and notable by gracing it with traditional materials perfected to suit our modern and contemporary lifestyle. And together with Capiz Shell Furniture, let us be a part of making the Capiz legacy live on.

Goodbye Lounge! Hello District!

A year of Journey! In a few days time, This site will be a year older. It was a wonderful journey that I have learnt from different bloggers and people whom I've met along the way through my colleagues, friends, clients and even bloggers whom I never met. Having this site is one big dream which I did overcome but wasn't able to maintain as much as I would want to. 

I lost my sense of time and focus, placing something that I found being "forced" just for the sake of writing. Thanks to goodness, It made me realize the things I wanted to share in this blog to the point I decided to change my blog name from "The Lounge Avenue" to "Design District". 

Design District will still have the concept of Interior Design and Lifestyle and more curated blog. (I'm keeping my old post by the way, Just to remind me of my previous works and write-ups!

What will you be expecting from this time on?

A Weekly Post about the following

Interior Design:

  • Design Projects
  • Get the Look
  • Top 10 Picks
  • How To / Decorating Tips
  • Design Series
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Business
  • People
  • Events / Features / Sponsorship
  • Collaboration
Right now, I cant tackle everything but I am getting there! Will keep you posted starting today! See you every Fridays! Fingers-Crossed! 

Till next time!


Neutral and Bold

Neutral and Bold

Outdoor lamp
34,390 PHP -

Betsey Johnson black bedding
1,245 PHP -

Crate and Barrel taupe bedding
1,990 PHP -

Chive drinkware
645 PHP -

LEFF Amsterdam vintage clock
19,370 PHP -

ICanvas canvas painting
6,180 PHP -

Metal sign
1,615 PHP -

Canvas wall art
845 PHP -

Magnolia Home window covering
450 PHP -

Pottery Barn fabric headboard
92,155 PHP -

Grey chair
42,615 PHP -

I Love Living metal table
11,365 PHP -

Cube shelve
1,065 PHP -

White furniture

New Romantics

New Romantics

Pirena, Room Decor Hacked!

The Fire Sang'gre
                                     The Fire Sang'gre by emari-pimentel featuring a geometric light

Hello! Here we go again to Get the look of Pirena's bedroom. with Polyvore App, it made my life easier and effective to find the best look for any interior. With the mood board as my may of finding the best furniture and accessories in town.

Arteriors sphere light
Find: Mandaue Foam 

Chain chandelier
Find: Mandaue Foam

Geometric light 
Find: Mandaue Foam 

Grey rug
Find: SM Department Store

Velvet sham
Find: Our Home

Madison Park oversized throw
Find: SM Department Store

Red throw blanket
Find: Rustans

Home decor
Find: Thift Shops

Valentines day home decor
Find: Our Home

Paris home decor
Find: Wilcon Depot

Find: Wilcon Depot

Oak furniture
Find: Our Home

Bungalow 5 accent table
Find: Bespoke Furniture

Decorative Wonder Sign M&S
Find: Country Crafts

Framed wall art
Find: Art Gallery

Accent chair
Find: All Home

Eloy Gambin works (9 photos)
Find: Great Image - Cebu

Finding all the list of items can be found nearby your place. Finding these items doesn't have to be hard; Find something similar to the look and stick to the color to get the best results in decorating your home.