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What happened in 2018?

Monday, December 31, 2018
Another year is ending soon and Hurray 2019! Before I bid goodbye to 2018, this year I would say would be my trial year as I have survived to be working independently for my Interior Design business and a lot of wonderful things happened despite all the trials had come across.

Lesson learned and still learning.

1. Leaving toxic people behind and finding ourselves, Thanking them for they have come.

2. Personal Space is something I would look forward and not just work and home, finding another pack and still with the gang is another stress reliever.

3. Forgiving but not Forgetting people good deeds.

4. Welcome the unexpected, I am not a big fan of big changes especially when there is a third person involved and embracing them is hard since it will take a bigger responsibility to take and a single 28-year-old without any obligations to any and so many things I would like to wander off, things really changed when you're tasked to head the family.

5. Timeline, despite having a timeline in all the goals I planned for the year I can say 2018 had a different path for me and 40% of the things I have planned for the year did happen.


1. No to "Design first, pay later". This is a bit costly too since I worked so hard and only not to get a "Thank You " and "Closed Deal" after a verbal agreement. I know I shouldn't but most of the time I got swayed by those sweet words especially from those people I know of and the lesson it gave me is to respect my time and skill.

2. Look at the numbers and find these people. Numbers can be frustrating when you wanted to do the design work more than looking at the figures. However, the figures determine the amount of work placed into the scope of work and having the discipline to yourself; We got goals and obligations to meet our needs and wants to maintain our lifestyle and to do than stretching ourselves thinly can become over exhausting and its better to leave it off to people whom we can designate the task to get the results we wanted. 

3. Find your tribe. A support system by people who are the same business as you are and creating friendship because having a support system is something you can treasure both business and personal.

4. Stick to your goals and be flexible with your strategy. I got a million goals and ideas and not all of them worked well with me since not all are effective and matches my goals and not all give the results I wanted.

and Since I don't want to talk much about my other goals like I said 40% accomplishment is still something I will have to work harder, smarter and better. 

Project Mistakes learnt before becoming a Licensed Interior Designer

Monday, December 17, 2018

Have you feel  so much shame for not being knowledgeable enough over a certain things and at that point you said yourself that one day, I'll become better and I won't have the same problem after all. So so many nights you'll be awake and remember what I should have done and what I shouldn't have. I am no exception on those times that i have encountered but it happened.

As an Interior Design student I have begun getting projects for experiences and it helped me where I a right now. However, I started good for my client understood and help me in the process in the field of design and somehow business matter in this. I had quite a handful of project mistakes that I have learnt to overcome as I continue to practice and 7 of it are the things that I would wanted to tell myself to find as early as those years.

  1. Contractor. Find a partner whom you entrust your design. A person whom you can confide with and be able to retain your business relationship. When starting out, a general contractor is your best friend to make your design a reality. I had none in the beginning because I relied on myself and those carpenters who are all-in-one.
  2. Hardware Supplier. I have a to go supplier and a sales man who became my friend with that it is easier for me to choose and select the type of brand I would likely see in most projects without compromising the quality outcome of the item. So everything I'm buying something or my client wish to buy, I just tell them to go to this person and hardware.
  3. Your adviser. As a newbie in the design, find someone who will help you achieve your desired look for the space that person should be your adviser or an "ate" in school who has better taste than you.
  4. Your Bestie. Your design best friend will tell you what went wrong in your design if things didn't go well with what you have and how you can improve this next time.
  5. Finance. Understand the value of money. Not all clients you'll encounter will be understanding and not all will have the extra money to spend on the unforeseen purchases you wanted to add. I didn't understand all until I have to experience it.
  6. Function. Know and understand how they operate in their daily lives, not everything is base on the space provided will work for them because you said so. As the designer , one must dig deeper to make it functional as the aesthetics will follow.
  7. Communication. Passive communication with the contractor and owner will not help, it has to be in a timely manner and also let them understand when you are available. Avoid text messaging or social media app, it will just confuse you because you have to identify and trace your communication. Choose one and if the secondary communication is used, summarize your conversation on the primary communication to avoid confusion along the way.

Since this was base on a newbie mistakes, I have improved and learned from them and still learning on ways how I can improve with it. Despite that I am licensed interior designer, I still make mistakes but not similar to the ones I had before. Like I have said, every project is a learning process and I'm glad to make it through. Check my website to see more of the projects I have undertake and see the improvement. 

What was my first interior design project?

Monday, December 03, 2018
What was my first interior design project? I honestly don't want to post this but I think I should because it is where it all started from the first project up to the current projects I have undertaken and it brought me a wonderful experiences in the past 8 years. Imagine, 8 years since I had this project.

My first project as an  interior design student was an office for a construction firm. A Greek inspired modern office using new and old pieces of available things. I remember going all my drawings in manually and designing things from a scratch and put so much effort because I wanted to make it perfect.

Since this was my first project, the owner has seen me evolve in the improvement that I have and still have a good relationship with them despite that it took so long to finish and the owner was happy and gave some comment as it was my first project. Not that bad for starters. This time it gave me a lot of pointers learnt and how I improved my craft after having this project and to the next projects that I have worked on.
Personally, I have achieved what I need to achieve at that time, standard wise, it was good and now, my standards has become higher my confidence to take projects from one to the other has gained me a whole lot experience and challenges along the way.  This project was even posted last Novemeber as I look back in my past projects.

For interior design students, For me, you shouldn't be afraid to grab an opportunity like this but it does takes time and effort showing what you can really offer after you presented your drawings and be challenge to take and pursue a license once you have graduated.

The project above happened like 8 years ago and it has been a long time already since then, so I encourage you dear readers to check my portfolio website at the following webpages. and under my company name , you'll see how much I have improved since this project.

The 1,000 pesos monthly savings challenge

Friday, November 23, 2018
When I was young, I would accompany my mom at the grocery, back then the nearest grocery store for us was in Robinson's Fuente, we would be there for almost half a day because my mom takes a lot of time to purchase what she want's to use and also comparing one product to the other and not just the product the prices as well. Mom would say to save and also by knowing what type of product we wanted to use for our household or personal use.

Most of us recalled how our parents would decline other stuff that we pick from the grocery its either because of the price or simply because they know that we are just enticed to own it. I know right? because by the time I was asked to do the grocery alone or simply do some groceries, this has become my habit, selecting the product, expiry date and price. 

How come when we make a savings for our life goals it has become an allergic reaction and often times neglect this work because we have other priorities to make. Our mindset was focused on today and instant gratification rather sacrificing a little of what we can have for tomorrow. Like in my previous post, I was working on my mindset and applied one of the secrets to have savings and since I was doing a baby steps back then I'll share to you other things I have learned and its up to you which one is more convenient and easy to start your goal towards 20% Savings.

 Baby Steps to get that 20% Monthly Savings or per contract.
  • BDO Easy Investment Plan (EIP) is a unit investment trust fund offered by BDO in which you can start with at least 500.00 php every month and when you reach between 10,000 - 11,000.00 php you will start earning dividends and even you reached this amount. BDO then will give you a copy of the certificate of Invesment upon reaching the 10 - 11,000.00 php. They will still continue to deduct the same amount you indicated base on your BDO EIP Form which you can always increase anytime and depending how much you want to contribute monthly. Your earnings will depend on the economy and best yield will be after 5-10 years.  To know more about BDO EIP, click this link. 
Minimum investment: 500.00 PHP Monthly
  • SunLife Prosperity Fund is a mutual fund wherein you can start investing at 1,000php monthly, similar to BDO EIP in which you can also link your Bank Account to SunLife and have it auto-debited to your account from their partnered banks. 
Minimum investment: 1,000.00 PHP Monthly
  • BPI Direct Save Up Automatic Savings  and Insurance. BPI and Philam Life is a strategic partnership of two companies wherein BPI does the banking transaction while Philam Life covers for the insurance. For this service, they will deduct 1,000.00 php for your Automatic Savings to be invested in BPI Mutual Funds while another 1,000.00 php will be allocated for your Insurance. A total of 2,000.00 php will be deducted monthly. Interested in this investment scheme, then check out this link to get more info.
Minimum investment: 2,000 PHP Monthly

There are higher amount which you can start with but if you are those most people felt that starting an investment at 5,000.00 php is a bit to high to begin with, then start with the 500 php or 1000 php or 2,000 php whichever investment you felt right for you when starting out because starting this journey is easy the hard part is maintaining what you have started.

When you are ready to take a a higher step then you can apply for another investment from another financial provider or go to your current provided and ask for a form to increase your contribution. I would suggest to diversify your savings when you take another step and still maintain your contribution to your first investment.  

Taking a baby step was very helpful when i was starting out and to this point I'm glad I made thru with it despite the challenge that has come to me and despite the number of times I thought i just wanted to use it for another stuff and then again, Self-Discipline for Personal Freedome is my end game.

How did I come up with my services?

Monday, November 19, 2018

After a long holiday season for the month of November, I took sometime off after being overwhelmed with the projects I am undertaking. This time I made an assessment of our finances for our next years plan which includes the services I have offered and done in the past and what worked with me and what did not.

For next year, I have decided to limit my services by streamlining what I can actually offer as not to make myself thin nor the representation of the company I am handling as the company, Premiere Design Interiors evolves and grow I have to make a better decision on what would be the best practices that is applicable on my current situation as we move forward to serve our clients and future clients.

My current services are the ones worked for me in the past while I was doing freelancing job while I was having a day job and some where applied when I went to full time freelancing. However, the combined services did not worked well as the external factors have to be carried out. Now, that the company is registered and as I approach the 3rd year in Interior Design Practice a lot of realization has been made and a lot of feels. To get on to the point of the services that by 2019, Premiere Design Interiors will have 4 main stream services to our clients.

  • E-design, a electronic interior design thru virtual communications will have to be carried for those clients who wanted an inspiration in their future projects and enjoys doing the Do-it-yourself activity and needs the guidance of a licensed interior designer.

  • Full Interior Design and Execution, an end-to-end interior design approach where design and build is combined in a more personal approach, this works best for clients who wants to be  hands on to the project and has the freedom and flexibility to choose the contractors to be involved in the project.

  • Turn Key Solutions, is an interior design and build with an end-to-end approach similar to the FIDE services. The difference is that the interior designer calls the shots for all the approving aspect and selects the contractors and people involved in the project. Client has a limited control as the approving officer is the Interior Designer and enjoys the benefit of a hassle free transaction.

  • Interior Design Branding, is focused on the visual merchandising of the commercial space and thus ensuring that the brand given to the interior designer will be aligned to the given space without compromising the functionality and aesthetics as it maximizes the productivity of the people involved making more attractive to clients.

These four services  are the ones that I have carried from the beginning that worked for me and has given me wonderful results. Each client has its own preference of a personalized services given to them and also by completing it on their preferred time. The services you you have just read will is already in my website under the project page.

Three ways to handle your money

Friday, November 16, 2018
In my previous post I gave the  5 main reasons why I need a financial goal and before we talk further about financial literacy in which I am not an expert of but I can say I have a high level of knowledge in a certain aspect. As a creative person, I have mentioned that its hard for me to save and because there was lack on interest to apply the things I learned in various means of information fed to my brain and the fact that I "hate" numbers to deal with.

Life ain't like that, Its complicated and tricky especially with numbers involved and despite I don't like to deal with numbers, I learned to work out things and I enjoyed some of it despite me wanted to puke many times because I have to deal with it every now and then.

To give a brief summary of the reasons why I choose financial goals
1. No Work = No Pay; this is how freelancing works
2. Personal Obligations = Rent and Bills
3. Personal Freedom = Life Goals as described by BDO, Buying a house, your first car and etc.
4. My Lifestyle
5. Marketing for my Business

For quite sometime, I've tried and practice a variety of what I call savings formula, applying the things I learnt from all financial seminar and books I have read. Some were applicable and some are during those time and though there are practices that worked well with me while other's aren't until one day a close friend gave me a book, The Abundance Formula by BO Sanchez, this book upon reading it worked well with me and which I am currently practicing as well.

To simplify, the abundance formula is a 100-10-20-70; in percentage (%); the 100% active income is divided into 3 parts; the 10% Tithe, 20% Savings and 70% Personal Finance. In my case, I started working on the 20% Savings.
  •  20% Savings - Personal Freedom falls under this category; yes, yes and yes. Having savings can be impossible especially for the young ones who is just starting out in their career path and like most young professional who are in this position, having a savings account can be such a tough call to make. In fact on the first few years when I was trying to make a savings, I always cheated on myself that I end up "NO" Savings for my life goal and when I made a firm decision to follow the formula It was really hard as I am tempted to look to achieve a small goal and 20% was like "uh-oh!" and "I'll save later" and a made a lot of compromising decision just to satisfy my goals. What I did, was before I had my 20% Savings, I worked out on my mindset by starting small. I had a personal bank account and enrolled my account to the investment service of the bank wherein I started having 1,000.00 php deducted every month and every time I see that deduction, I reminded myself of the Life Goals until such time 20% was never an issue to me at all.
TIP: Enroll in an Auto-Debit Agreement with your bank or Investment provider in which helped myself change my mindset and it was effective it took months before i stopped thinking about the money auto-debited and that when I increased by savings by 20% it become an instant gratification knowing that 20% is for for my Life Goal and since I was able to change my mindset in having a savings, tithing was become my next goal. 
  • 10% Tithe - 10% of your income goes to tithing according to Deuteronomy 14:22-26 and other bible verses too, this is a very hard thing to work on especially when you are used to have everything you have for yourself and this year, I'm glad to say that I was able to consistently contribute on my tithes despite me, myself and I wanted not to do this action and good thing that despite my mind would argue with this topic at most time or me tempted to use this; its intact and when I felt that I need to contribute I felt good to share it. 
TIP: Have a Passbook Savings account that is away from your location , so you wont be tempted to get your money from the back and an ATM should not be an option at this point, let your money grow in the bank and when its the right time to share your blessings, share only base on the exceeding amount of your maintaining balance.
  • 70% Personal Finance- My Personal Obligation falls under this category, my lifestyle and marketing for my business. This is where everything becomes a jungle for me as I need to find more ways to increase my income while working on this budget allocated and be more efficient and aggressive to serve my clients. I won't talk to much about personal finance because each individual has its own personal monthly obligation such as house rent, electric bills and even phone bills. It is up to you on how you will manage this.
TIP: Know your fixed monthly expenses which is your personal monthly obligation and also the realistic lifestyle that you have and take an assessment which one are you willing to change and what needs to be eliminated.

Despite the topic of Money is a sensitive issue, many people still don't know the importance of handling their money whether they are professionals or not. In my case, despite knowing its importance it takes a whole level to achieve this formula by starting of changing my mindset. I enjoyed my hard earned money without savings as a saying goes "mayaman ngayon, pulubi bukas"; that compliments well with those people who's mindset or lifestyle of a one-day millionaire and when I realize the importance of handling my money because I was aiming for a bigger goal, implementing it becomes easy and i have to do a lot of self-convincing towards myself on why I did that particular action over and over, and like what I said until it never become an issue to me.

You want something? Then make it work.

 Let's talk more about savings and why you should know where you wanted to invest on our next topic.


Monday, November 12, 2018
The PBB House (CTO)

The Pinoy Big Brother House has opened its doors once again to the new pool of housemates and viewers all over the world and anyone who's excited about how the lives of these housemates would unfold and some like me are definitely thrilled to be see the New PBB House Interior Design for 2018.

As shown in the video for the New PBB House; Suntrust Properties Inc. a Real Estate Developer Logo was seen as a Door Handle must have provided the new development of the area and commissioned IDr. Jennifer Soliman of J-Design Interior Design to do the Interior works, who also did the PBB 737 Interiors.

Checking out the sponsors of the show for the Interior Supplies, here are some list that Interior Designers can check and probably take a look.

Outdoor Area of the PBB House

  • Mahuca Boldozas Tiles for the Accent floor tile
  • Home Suite for Home Furniture
  • Juan's Garden ad Landscaping Services
  • Quanu Furniture for Outdoor Furniture
  • Rain or Shine Exterior Paints

Inside the PBB House

  • Mozzaico Tile for Main Flooring
  • Teresa Marble Corporation for the Kitchen Counter top
  • Masflex Cookware and Kitchenware
  • D for Artworks
  • Wizard of Ads Inc. for Accent Counter Cabinet
  • Ecoshift Corporation for LED Lights
  • Cebu Home Crafts for Dining Set
  • DecoMAS Philippines for Wall Accent
  • Cubesystem for the Turf Grass Wall Accent
  • Sylpauljoyce for Living Area Furniture, Lights and Decors
  • La Sedia Furniture for Center Table

Boys Bedroom and Girls Bedroom

  • APO Floors for Flooring
  • Trendsetter Collection for Bedding
  • Salem for Mattresses
  • RSE Roll Shade Enterprises for Curtains
  • RCA for Modular Cabinetry
  • ARQ Curtains

Confession Room

  • DeltaWood for the Doors
  • EJ Pasia Furniture for the Sofa

Everything has been set and PBB Otso has started airing last November 10, 2018 and because of that enjoy the show's new design and how the housemates life would change, just like MayWard. Hmm... Going back to the suppliers, Did I miss any suppliers listed base on the video provided? Let me know.

What happened in 2018?

Another year is ending soon and Hurray 2019! Before I bid goodbye to 2018, this year I would say would be my trial year as I have survived t...