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PIID Christmas Party 2018

It took me a quarter to post this entry for last year's Philippine Institute of Interior Designers Christmas Party last December. We had an early party among the few licensed interior designers, sponsors and suppliers for having another great year.

Enjoying the night through Havana Dance

Idr. Jesa Mendez won the Grand Prize from Boysen

Catching up with fellow Interior Designers

2018 Board passers

Hugs to everyone

Know more about PIID-Cebu by visiting our facebook page

22 days Interior Design Rental Property


Photo by Cal David from Pexels

We had successfully delivered a Rental Studio Unit in Amaia Steps Mandaue. In which we had initially started around Mid-December but due to the Holiday Season, We officially started around January after the Holidays and within 3 weeks we started kicking our butt's to our 30 days challenge.

What was the challenge then, The 30 days challenge is to build everything that is required by the client under the wishlist:

- A Kitchen with a Breakfast Nook
-Cabinetry Shelf
-Furnishing ( Furniture and Accessories)
-Bathroom Accessories and Glassworks

Basically, We had a Design and Build in which the design was done within the span of two (2) weeks and 30 working days to do the job. In which honestly we aimed for 45 working days just in case things might be a little rough but we did this unit for 22days.

Below is this 24 sqm studio unit that we did for 22 days. 22 days. 22. Twenty-two and YES it's 22.

M Project by Premiere Design Interiors

In which I am really and we are all happy to have a great result that everyone was pleased. 2019's first turn over was on time, on budget and visually appealing at the same time. We are just proud of how this turned out to be and now that this unit is up for short term rental we couldn't be happier for the client that she is happy with it and that was our end goal and so may her future rentee(s) would be happy to stay in this place.

If you are planning to have your studio unit or any condo unit to be rented out; I would suggest to hire an Interior Designer and identify their legitimacy by checking their name at PRC website or simply search their name at the Google Search box and you'll know, who you needed to hire.

My 2018 Year End Review


2018 Has officially ended and I have welcomed 2019 to be another great year ahead of me (and my family). It has brought a number of challenges that I thought of not passing through and end eventually I have overcome the devils within me and my surroundings. 2018 wasn't a piece of cake many could relate we had our own personal struggles and eventually, we had our own candies to share. Life as we know it has our own drama series, a mix of comedy and humor yet our sweet victory is what it counts the most.

January 2018

Things were pretty smooth when this year started, This will be the official year that I took off to be working on my Profession as a private practitioner, as of  October 1st, 2017 was my first day of being unemployed yet I took the risk and after that I took projects that skyrocketed me in the freelancing gig and it gave me a wonderful start and 2017 ended really well after finishing 3 projects before the year ended. This month I was working on how I'd do better and work on my marketing.

February 2018

Life can be full of surprises the people, who have been there for you can be the person of betrayal (witnessing and I'm the bad one) and at honestly it sucks to the point where all lies and believing was the hardest even to the most genuine people I know and the two-faced people are all over me, to see how I was doing  and there I was trying to see the beauty after being blind. Still, I have old friends and new friends who would be there for me while I have begun to be on my lowest point, my personal struggle has begun in this phase and fell in all parts was crumbling before me and my struggle to survive was as strong as my inner self is fighting within.

March 2018

The struggle to climb up the ladder, I have my personal obligations and duties to accomplish and fortunately, this was the month I was getting busy as I have to fly in and out of Cebu several times and luckily wonderful opportunities were given to me and meet new people and closed a contract.

I experienced the Interior and Design Manila Convention for the first time and met several practitioners in the industry and was able to participate on stage with Idr. Sharon Bering's confidence.

Joined ABS-CBN's Mag-TV Home Makeover 2018, and sadly this is their last episode after airing for 10 years. It was a fun activity and found new friends

April 2018

My family came back from Surigao and America, I was brought to Singapore for a vacation with my Auntie Tata and Mac-Mac, my baby boy cousin (and whom I consider to be my little brother since we grew up together) who's no longer a baby. This vacation helped me with my "depression"  and this time I made a promise to myself that I have to get up harder and better and it did help me. After a fall, I learned how to rise again and pushing myself to the limits. We had a number of family celebrations through. I'm not sharing any photos with them because they don't seem to like to idea of posting our photo's.

May 2018

I was feeling better and better emotionally, mentally and spiritually as my strong desire to surpass my challenges and I did somehow manage that. Controlling myself and my inner demons the best thing I have done so far that time. Projects started flocking and I got busy with it despite having my own self-issues. This time I just want to be lazy for a moment in time but life doesn't stop when you feel like stopping right?

June 2018.

More projects were closed and there again I was having bonding moments with my mom since she had been away for several months, for she has to take care of my grandmother who underwent spinal surgery last December 25, 2017. We initially planned for a lunch date for her pre-birthday celebration and bumped to my Auntie Vangie at the restroom area in SM Seaside and we end up having lunch with her and my two american cousins, Cole and Chanel. I had the pleasure of receiving my first business award and its a milestone for me and its a reminder that I have to do better than what I am doing now.

July 2018

The commencing of my projects pretty busy and new contracts were inline which I was surely enjoying.

August 2018

This month was full of accomplishment base on my timeline, I enrolled myself once again to take further studies, Masters of Architecture major in Interior Architecture at the University of San Carlos and I'm not sure whether to go full load once again since I was having a hard time balancing work and school and I have 2 more weeks to decide from this day of 2019.

I have signed up to accomplish one of my goals for this year and I have been planning and was able to register my business at DTI, E.G.PIMENTEL INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES (Brand Name: Premiere Design Interiors) after my laptop was stolen and that very same day I purchased a new one.

September 2018

I have signed up to accomplish one of my lifestyle goals for this year which I will be looking harvesting after 3 years at most (2021). I am looking forward to it.

October 2018

I have signed up to accomplish one of my goals for this year again since mother dear is so "kulit" this time and she had been asking me to do this for 5 years already and I have fully decided to make this thing work for me with her presence.

November 2018

A pretty rough month since we weren't getting the targets and learned some valuable insights.
Projects were delayed despite the timeline for several reasons and yet we were given a chance to improve it.  Lesson learned was always having a backup and segregating all works to get the results done, since I am in the service business I have to look at both the numbers, people and timeline to make it work and not fully entrusting to one person all the job to a multiple projects, However, we remain to be supportive of the other because business and personal hit hard at times. Business is a partnership between the owners and its company. I am also at fault since I spread myself thinly as I was juggling all three work, school and personal things that I forgot to look at the bigger picture of getting the end result of my priority was taking the business further as it is my bread and butter. I have later realized that I was depleting in different circumstances, I have decided to change my course for 2019 and talked to several people on my plans and thankfully they are supportive of this and that helped me gain insight on what I wanted to do for 2019.

December 2018

I have signed up to accomplish one of my lifestyle goals for this year and I'll start enjoying it before 2019 ends and that I plan to upgrade it in the future so it will be enjoyed by my mom. Aside from the fact that I am Fully aware of my numbers, timeline, and strategies; and As my plans for this month didn't all materialize; its good to find out that it will fall into place one at a time and thus it brought me some joy to begin my 2019.

While reading this, you must be wondering why I made such long post with a monthly update as I talk about my wins, loses and battles. I'm sharing because as a start-up and individual we make choices around what we think is right and also testing the waters at all times, we take the risk without knowing what will happen tomorrow and other people would not even share how things were actually within them. It will always be the learning that counts and how we strive to overcome our own journey whether its happiness or struggles because that is life. We live and make things matter in our own hands and be thankful for the day that comes as each day is a blessing that we need to look forward.

This month of celebration brought me unexpecting things wonderful things and realizing that you have a support system who will always willing to understand and help you and friends remain to be there for you no matter the distance and we are the only person who creates a future in every second we act, react or feel and knowing and believing in ourselves that we can and we will survive, and choose to survive and live our life, we have won the battle and it is something to celebrate.

Welcome to Emari's Blog


Hi and Welcome to Emari Pimentel's Blog!

I'm welcoming you to my newly updated blog, as you have noticed, I have made some minor changes for this blog since last year and progressively working on it to have better content and user experience as this blog progresses.

Last year, I was reluctant to use this platform once which explains why I didn't make any post by the beginning of 2019, I left it hanging as I am completely undecided if I wanted to delete this blog and continue what I just left doing at that time and would focus on something else. Even last year I have decided to own to this blog by having my name on it and making it happen by collectively participating on this personal challenge that I have put through even if I was reluctant to continue, delete button was around the corner. Tempting and at the back of my mind, another thing I'm letting go after having it without trying harder or put an effort to which I could tell myself I did better this time.

In the end, I decided to own this up as I have been on and off with blogging for the past few years, imagine I have started since high school and not make something productive out of it and then decided to make it last 2016, I was just hyped about it and see my journey is where it leads me now.

One of the major things that readers might be expecting from this blog is my love for interior design on how things went with me since I went to private practice and the things I enjoyed in a timely manner that includes food and other journeys that came across me with that I encourage friends to join me and share their wonderful stories in our contribute page which will be up by May of 2019 which can be found at the bottom of this page soon.

Please leave your comment below and we look forward to hearing from you, Hope you enjoy our new blog and get connected with us. Don't forget to hit that E-mail Subscription. Thank you!

What happened in 2018?


Another year is ending soon and Hurray 2019! Before I bid goodbye to 2018, this year I would say would be my trial year as I have survived to be working independently for my Interior Design business and a lot of wonderful things happened despite all the trials had come across.

Lesson learned and still learning.

1. Leaving toxic people behind and finding ourselves, Thanking them for they have come.

2. Personal Space is something I would look forward and not just work and home, finding another pack and still with the gang is another stress reliever.

3. Forgiving but not Forgetting people good deeds.

4. Welcome the unexpected, I am not a big fan of big changes especially when there is a third person involved and embracing them is hard since it will take a bigger responsibility to take and a single 28-year-old without any obligations to any and so many things I would like to wander off, things really changed when you're tasked to head the family.

5. Timeline, despite having a timeline in all the goals I planned for the year I can say 2018 had a different path for me and 40% of the things I have planned for the year did happen.


1. No to "Design first, pay later". This is a bit costly too since I worked so hard and only not to get a "Thank You " and "Closed Deal" after a verbal agreement. I know I shouldn't but most of the time I got swayed by those sweet words especially from those people I know of and the lesson it gave me is to respect my time and skill.

2. Look at the numbers and find these people. Numbers can be frustrating when you wanted to do the design work more than looking at the figures. However, the figures determine the amount of work placed into the scope of work and having the discipline to yourself; We got goals and obligations to meet our needs and wants to maintain our lifestyle and to do than stretching ourselves thinly can become over exhausting and its better to leave it off to people whom we can designate the task to get the results we wanted. 

3. Find your tribe. A support system by people who are the same business as you are and creating friendship because having a support system is something you can treasure both business and personal.

4. Stick to your goals and be flexible with your strategy. I got a million goals and ideas and not all of them worked well with me since not all are effective and matches my goals and not all give the results I wanted.

and Since I don't want to talk much about my other goals like I said 40% accomplishment is still something I will have to work harder, smarter and better. 

Project Mistakes learnt before becoming a Licensed Interior Designer


Have you feel  so much shame for not being knowledgeable enough over a certain things and at that point you said yourself that one day, I'll become better and I won't have the same problem after all. So so many nights you'll be awake and remember what I should have done and what I shouldn't have. I am no exception on those times that i have encountered but it happened.

As an Interior Design student I have begun getting projects for experiences and it helped me where I a right now. However, I started good for my client understood and help me in the process in the field of design and somehow business matter in this. I had quite a handful of project mistakes that I have learnt to overcome as I continue to practice and 7 of it are the things that I would wanted to tell myself to find as early as those years.

  1. Contractor. Find a partner whom you entrust your design. A person whom you can confide with and be able to retain your business relationship. When starting out, a general contractor is your best friend to make your design a reality. I had none in the beginning because I relied on myself and those carpenters who are all-in-one.
  2. Hardware Supplier. I have a to go supplier and a sales man who became my friend with that it is easier for me to choose and select the type of brand I would likely see in most projects without compromising the quality outcome of the item. So everything I'm buying something or my client wish to buy, I just tell them to go to this person and hardware.
  3. Your adviser. As a newbie in the design, find someone who will help you achieve your desired look for the space that person should be your adviser or an "ate" in school who has better taste than you.
  4. Your Bestie. Your design best friend will tell you what went wrong in your design if things didn't go well with what you have and how you can improve this next time.
  5. Finance. Understand the value of money. Not all clients you'll encounter will be understanding and not all will have the extra money to spend on the unforeseen purchases you wanted to add. I didn't understand all until I have to experience it.
  6. Function. Know and understand how they operate in their daily lives, not everything is base on the space provided will work for them because you said so. As the designer , one must dig deeper to make it functional as the aesthetics will follow.
  7. Communication. Passive communication with the contractor and owner will not help, it has to be in a timely manner and also let them understand when you are available. Avoid text messaging or social media app, it will just confuse you because you have to identify and trace your communication. Choose one and if the secondary communication is used, summarize your conversation on the primary communication to avoid confusion along the way.

Since this was base on a newbie mistakes, I have improved and learned from them and still learning on ways how I can improve with it. Despite that I am licensed interior designer, I still make mistakes but not similar to the ones I had before. Like I have said, every project is a learning process and I'm glad to make it through. Check my website to see more of the projects I have undertake and see the improvement. 

What was my first interior design project?

What was my first interior design project? I honestly don't want to post this but I think I should because it is where it all started from the first project up to the current projects I have undertaken and it brought me a wonderful experiences in the past 8 years. Imagine, 8 years since I had this project.

My first project as an  interior design student was an office for a construction firm. A Greek inspired modern office using new and old pieces of available things. I remember going all my drawings in manually and designing things from a scratch and put so much effort because I wanted to make it perfect.

Since this was my first project, the owner has seen me evolve in the improvement that I have and still have a good relationship with them despite that it took so long to finish and the owner was happy and gave some comment as it was my first project. Not that bad for starters. This time it gave me a lot of pointers learnt and how I improved my craft after having this project and to the next projects that I have worked on.
Personally, I have achieved what I need to achieve at that time, standard wise, it was good and now, my standards has become higher my confidence to take projects from one to the other has gained me a whole lot experience and challenges along the way.  This project was even posted last Novemeber as I look back in my past projects.

For interior design students, For me, you shouldn't be afraid to grab an opportunity like this but it does takes time and effort showing what you can really offer after you presented your drawings and be challenge to take and pursue a license once you have graduated.

The project above happened like 8 years ago and it has been a long time already since then, so I encourage you dear readers to check my portfolio website at the following webpages. and under my company name , you'll see how much I have improved since this project.